Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hello :-)

Well I guess I should start by introducing myself! I'm Kate and i've recently started a small hand painted craft business! I have always had a huge love for all things hand made but after leaving college I never really put my hand to it for anything other than things for myself. With a friends birthday coming up I decided this time I would make her something special! I designed and painted her a Jute bag and personalised it with her name on. Once i'd uploaded it to Facebook the orders came flooding in ... and that's how it started!

I have to give a huge special mention to my very special friend Fi. Apart from being pretty much the sweetest person ever known to man she also encouraged me and gave me the confidence to go ahead with this and without her it simply wouldn't have taken off :-) She also owns a super cute hand made business called 'Love Alfie'. I'm completely in love with her work. Her blog is here ----> so you should definitely go and check that out!

We have so many plans for the summer together including lots of craft days and fayre's and I can't wait! I also must give a mention to my very patient friend Rob who has helped me set all of this up and put up with my constant stream of text questions :-)

So that's Helter Skelter! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and hopefully i'll remember to update it more than once a year!

Lots of Love