Saturday, 17 March 2012

Just an update!

I just wanted to do a quick update as I haven't done one in a while :-)

I had a lovely week last week with Fi. We had a day off to indulge in some craft projects and a general laze about/E number consumption. I'd been wanting to make some tape measure brooches and headbands for a while so I finally had a go at they came out lovely :-) They'll be for sale over on my facebook soon.

We also visited Reetsweet craft fayre on Saturday and drooled over all the lovely treasures. My favourite stall had to be When The Music's Over . They make bits and bobs out of vinyl and they are all awesome! I bought this ring made out of a vinyl record and i'm absolutely in love with it :-) My little dumpy hands don't do it justice though!

We had a treck into Meadowhall and spent approximately 874987698746 hours oohing and ahhhing in Paperchase! I have a huge lust for Paperchase products so I managed to spend a rather generous amount in there. Totally worth it though! It's a good job we had refuelled in Las Iguanas as i'm sure i burnt every ounce of energy I had tearing through the shop obsessively trying to think of a justified reason to buy every single item.

Another thing I wanted to share was this awesome covered notepad we made for my number 1 craft crush Pilfered. I absolutely LOVE Pilfered and could quite happily spend every last penny of my wages on it :-) Fi and I set to making this notepad. I hand painted the cartoon and writing and Fi helped me with the covering and quilted front. I'm really happy with how it came out as it's quite bulky and chunky. Hope to make a lot more of these in the future :-).

 Finally I wanted to mention this amazing fabric i picked up on Ebay. I haven't yet decided what i'm going to make with it so suggestions welcome :-) I'm going to have a think this weekend and get the trusty Janina onto it :-).

Just want to give another final mention to the button swap as in my previous post. Really excited about this! Can't wait to send some scrummy buttons to a fellow craft enthusiast!

Lots of Love,
Kate x

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  1. I love that fabric - can't wait to see something made up in it! x